How much truth does a “novel based on true event” really have?

If you’re like me, when you watch a movie based on true events, you leave dying to know what really happened, and what was by Hollywood design. And in my case, you maybe reading Dare to Move wondering, did all of that really happen?

If you hadn’t caught on, this book is about my life, but it’s not a true memoir. Not only are the names changed, (the character akin to me is named Nicole Winston), but some of the details, order of events and locations have been changed.

But what else, you ask? I’LL NEVER TELL. That’s the fun part for me, the writer!

Not only was I trying to protect some of the people in my life, but I wanted the storyline of never giving up, moving to a new city and seeking community to shine through, cringing at the thought of those who do know me griping over the fine details! To be the most relatable, my own story had to become a novel so that each and every reader could truly find a piece of themselves inside the main character.

For those of you still wondering, what was true and was was made up, I’ll leave you with this: I’m a trained journalist. Thus, my knee jerk is always to seek the truth. Therefore, this book was built around the truth, but the devil in the details was fought by way of knowing the crux of any good story…. having an antagonist (or two), a huge dilemma, a possible conspiracy, and a character who solves a problem, rises above, or wins in the end.

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