“Bittersweet, daring, flirty, emotional…Garrett Wood’s first novel, Dare To Move, is an ageless tale relatable to the millennial and Baby Boomer. Characters like Ren Man and Jaylen jump off the page and illicit emotions you won’t soon forget. Wood has an uncanny ability to place us in the main character’s Back Bay apartment experiencing the highs and lows of her twenty-something life. I waffled between wanting to grab Nicole Winston by the shoulders and shake her and wanting to give her a big fat hug. Curl up for a great read and get lost in Dare To Move, I dare you!” -Laura


“I should confess that I’m a huge rom-com fan and this reminds me of Confessions of a Shopaholic (a great book series and movie). Totally enjoyed the story – Wood should think about turning it into a movie or TV script.” -Stephanie

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