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What began as a cathartic, creative outlet of writing a memoir, turned into the making of my first self-published Novel, Dare to Move.
Originally from Fishers, Indiana, I’m feeling more and more like Bostonian every day— after all, it’s been four years since I moved to Boston! Nevertheless, Chicago is still my favorite city.
I studied journalism and business at Miami of Ohio and currently work as a fat loss coach and owner of a wellness company called Crossroads of Fitness. I also teach exercise classes at Barry’s Bootcamp.
My first love was fitness; the strength I’ve gained in powerlifting, bodybuilding and coaching has empowered me to actually get my stories out there. My goal? Tell stories that inspire others to believe in themselves. My other goal? Demonstrate what vulnerability looks like.
Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, I now split my time between a small studio in Boston, Massachusetts and a cabin on a bunch of land in Bow, New Hampshire. I’m grateful to get the best of city life and wilderness.
My writing secret is respecting and listening to my inner, unpredictable writer’s voice that comes into my head when it wants and leaves whenever. Sometimes I write walking down the sidewalk, sometimes I voice record my thoughts on the road and other times I sit down with a good playlist and candles, disappearing into a writer’s favorite oblivion.
Aside from writing and fitness, I dabble in commercial real estate, nerd-out about holistic health, obsess over nut butter and broccoli and dream about snowboarding at night. My brothers, (I have three), and all of my family members are more interesting and entirely more intelligent than me. My mom is the ever-patient, inquisitive and positive sounding board for all of my wild endeavors.

I invite you to learn more about me by way of my blog where you’ll find snippets about writing, chapters from my books and rambles about life.


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